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Athena is the Designer behind AthenArt Jewelry.
She has the ability to combine realms of Ancient Greece, modernism, romance, tradition with a unique and very personal
perspective and style that very few artists can accomplice. In 2017 she created her Brand AthenArt based in chania where
she is also borned.

In 2020 she moved in Athens where she created her new workshop.

She designs & create modern Jewellery. Her only drive is her imagination.

“It all starts with a simple yet complex design idea, the challenge is to translate a jewel into a little piece of art that can be worn and appreciated every day”. 

Pieces so unique and inspiring that become instant collectibles as The Greek Kanata Project that are little sculptural jugs inspired by Ancient Greek art combined with ART of modern days.. The Eye which is a completely different approach of the eyes we know also with a sculptural form.The Peplos and Ophis Collections which have been exhibited in Numismatic Museum of Greece, at Mad Museum in New York  and in Shanghai at Hellas house.

Peplos Collection is inspired by the folds and forms of Ancient Greek Garments.
The Fustanella Project which is inspired by the forms of the skirt that our heroes wore at the revolution of 1821.
This Collection is exhibiting at the Numismatic Museum of Athens until the 30th of June.
As she sais: Every piece of Jewelry I make has something to say, it speaks to you. Feel it, touch it, make it's alive.

Zappeio Megaro every year since 2017
Numismatic Museum of Greece 2018-2019
Import Expo Shanghai -2019
Museum Of Arts and Designs in New York 2019
Hellas House Shanghai 2019-2020
Numismatic Museum of Greece 2021-2022

For any information Contact with me at 

                                                                +30 6939215120


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