This Necklace is Inspired by Ancient Greek Coins «Kistoforika» It is Exhibited at Numismatic Museum until the 30th of October and after that at MAD Museum in New York

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This Necklace is one of a kind, is inspired by Greek Ancient Coins «Kistoforika»

Snakes combined with Grapes are made of silver 925.

Stones like, sapphires and Rubies decorates the Necklace. 

Designed by Athena Papa  the Designer of Athenart Jewelry in February of 2019 for the Exhibtion

Fruits & Symbols  at Numismatic Museum of Athens. The Exhibition Ends the 30th of October and after that 

It wil be Exhibited at MAD Museum in New York

It will be available for purchase after the exhibitions in the meanwhile you can preorder it. 


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