The Chiton Guardian Cuff Bracelet |Ο φύλαξ του Χιτώνα |Greek Jewellery

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The Chiton  Guardian Cuff is Inspired by  the Archaic Athena "The Godess of The serpent " 

The details of the cuff are inspired by the folds and form of ancient Greek garments.

Herodotus Reports that  Snakes Used to Guard the Acropolis.

The association of the Goddess Athena with the serpent remains for all to see. As stern guardian of the Acropolis, the Goddess is accompanied by the great snake which encircles her shield.

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  • Silver 925 

Our Gold plating is high quality 2microns. 

Note: Gold Plating will wear off over time and Bright Silver will Reveal, you can leave it as it is or you can renew it at your nearest Silversmith. 


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This design is available also in Gold 9k,14,18k just ask me for price