About Athena Papa

mini.jpgContemporary Jewelry Designer - Retail - Wholesale 

My name is Athena Papa and I am the jewelry Designer behind AthenArt Jewelry.I grew up in a place full of canvases, paintings & colours, my mother as a painter initiated me into the world of art.I studied line & free hand drawing and have a degree in Graphic Designing.While at the University of Crete, studying Art, I experimented with many sorts of art such as sculpture & ceramics but when I took some classes with a silversmith jewellery making won my heart!  
It all started as a hobby -in parallel with my full-time job- when I created a small workshop and started experimenting with different styles and designs and developed many different techniques. My love for my hobby made me realise that it was all I wanted to do!In 2014 I expanded my workshop and created my brand -AthenArt Jewelry- which is now my full-time job.
Since then, I have participated in many exhibitions both in my hometown of Hania and in Athens.I design & create modern Jewellery. My only drive is my imagination, “It all starts with a simple yet complex design idea; the challenge is to translate a jewel into a little piece of art that can be worn and appreciated every day”.
  •  Zappeio Megaro every year since 2017 
  •  Numismatic Museum of Greece 
  •  Import Expo Shanghai 
  •  Museum Of Arts and Designs in New York 
  •  Hellas House Shanghai 
Current Exhibition : Hellas House in Shanghai 
For Wholesale or any other Questions please contact me
+30 6939215120 9mm-9pm